Not Without My Brain (or Body)!

by on Jul.01, 2010, under games

Historically, Sam and Max has never been as funny as Monkey Island, but “They Stole Max’s Brain!” has plenty of moments. The episode opens with a delightful Film Noir in which Sam somehow spawns a five o’clock shadow and starts beating clues out of rats and foreigners, which is probably a good idea in situations where your rabbity partner has had his brain obsconded. Their episodic adventure games occasionally feel like they end abrubtly, Telltale absolutely nailed the pacing.

The writing “hit” a lot more than had the last few outings. There were literal lulz emanating at several points in the adventure, something which didn’t show up in the first two episodes of this “season.” Is that what we’re calling them? Absent are Sam’s signature exclamations, which tend to be over-long and over-written (the punchier of the lot work, the rest sound like they’re trying to hard). And the back and forth between Sam and Max is psychic comedy balm.

Puzzle solutions (particularly later on) were satisfyingly obfuscated, requiring gentle proding and exploration to unravel. All in all imminently satisfying.

Feast on this wonderful Jedi Knight Easter egg!

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